Things I Don’t Owe my Indie Friends.


I love art.

Especially, I love indie art. I love the spirit behind it, and I love the sassiness of artists breaking off the mainstream, staying true to their visions.

I beta read for friends of mine when I’m able.

I buy indie books, and I’ll be straight with you, I do not have a lot of money. If I get money at Christmas, or for my birthday, I spend it supporting my friends who are indie authors.

I take pictures of their books and post them everywhere, on all my social media.

I add their books to my indie book Pinterest boards.

I shout about them on Twitter.

I review their work on various sites and share the reviews.

I don’t have to do these things, and I know. I know. You didn’t ask me to do it in the first place.

And truly, I expect nothing in return. I really don’t. I don’t expect that you will buy my book because I bought yours, or that you will review mine because I reviewed yours, or anything of the sort. It’s nice if you see it and thank me but it’s certainly not required.

But what I do have an issue with, is this:

Daily messages to ask if I’ve read it yet, if I’ve reviewed it yet. Now? How ’bout now? …now?

I’m doing this to be nice. It is not my job. I’ll be done when I’m done and that is all.

Another thing. If I post a friend’s book and say nice things about it, please do not comment on that post with something like, “Why didn’t you read mine yet?”

Dude. I have LOTS of indie friends. You are not the only one. Comments like that are childish and rude. Wait your turn.

If I’m reading something of yours and you know it, and you’re curious what I think, go ahead and ask me. We’ll talk. That’s fine.

But chronic haranguing, not cool.

I have four kids, and often babysit for family members. I have a regular freelance job with deadlines I must attend to. And, you know…I also write books. I have just come through a difficult holiday season with two family funerals. I’ve got health issues I am dealing with. I am busy with my life and I don’t need to justify that for you.

I won’t stop doing what I’m doing, my little part to support indie artists, especially writers.

I BELIEVE IN YOU. I believe in this movement. I believe in the diversity in art the indie community brings to the table.

I believe in encouraging artists, because we’ve got enough critics already.

But please, do not send me constant, manipulative messages whining about why I haven’t read your book yet. If I said I will do it, I will. If this is done more than a couple of times, I will still read your book but I will move it right down my stack and read it another time, to teach you a lesson about patience.

Instead of the constant focus on yourself, maybe try picking up an indie book by another author, read and review that while you wait for me to finish your book.

Imagine the impact we could have if we all supported one another.

Let’s try it and see what happens.




9 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Owe my Indie Friends.

  1. S. L. Dearing says:

    Right on!!Sometimes it seems as if people in our community are not taking into consideration that besides doing our own writing (and everything that goes along with that) that we have families, other interests, friends… Loving this post! XOXOXO

  2. Felita says:

    Good post. I will add a smidgen of a rant also. An author asks my blog to do a post for them, I do. Maybe even did a book review. But the author can’t take 5 minutes and come by the blog page and comment? Just say hello to the readers! What is the logic there? Even if you paid a blog tour and you don’t really know me the blogger, why not get your money’s worth? I see it constantly. And the posts where an author stops by… readers love to have a little back in forth with them! When the author shows up, the post usually gets 3 times more comments.

    • Valarie Kinney says:

      I agree. Do a post for me and I pinky promise to show up and thank you. 😉 I also share blogger reviews on FB, and tweet them. I really appreciate the time and effort bloggers put in when they read and review for me. Thank you for doing what you do!

    • Mindy Haig says:

      This is a really helpful post! I’ve heard over and over that author’s shouldn’t comment on reviews – particularly negative ones, but I do like to tweet new reviews and share them on my FB page so I can thank the reviewer. I guess I sort of assumed the same rule held for Blogs. I usually send my thanks via email, like the review on the Blog, share the link, etc… I just thought it was sort of taboo to comment. It’s helpful to know that bloggers would like that interaction. Thanks!

  3. says:

    VERY nice! And as a fellow author (Ret.) I know exactly what you mean. I especially enjoyed hearing from people who had NO idea of how journalism works and magazine deadlines, and silly little things like that. Christmas was a wonderful time to hear from them. They would send a press release Thanksgiving Week and say “Please include this in your Christmas Issue.” I appreciated the courtesy of the “please,” but the Christmas Issue was pre-written in August and finished by the middle of September. If it were going to be in the December issue you would have heard from me weeks ago! Hope that all is going well in your world and the wolds of your loved one. Linda and I often speak of you. The memory, unfortunately does NOT seem to be improving. At least, not to me. I have people say (as late as yesterday) “You sound a lot better.” I guess my “betterment” allows me to see how bad I am! But, as I’m sure I told you before, even if I am no longer able to write anything of length, I DO recognize the lady waking up next to me in the morning and she continues to be great! Well, before I start repeating myself, take care of each other and have a GREAT year. ksb

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