Book Review Snippets

On Knowing His Madness:

“I really love how we get to see our other favorite characters from previous stories. But I honestly love the way the author exposes the realistic side of mental illness. She doesn’t gloss over it or glamorize it, she tells the ugly truth about it.” Platypire Moxxley, Amazon reviewer

On The Knowing Child:

“Ms. Savage Kinney masterfully weaves fantasy into real life, seamlessly merging them in a way that makes you question how much of what you experience is “other” in every day life. I cannot wait for her next installment!” S. Hageman, Amazon reviewer

On When Knowing Comes:

“I need purple contacts and fairy wings (and chili and Mountain Dew) cuz I seriously want to be Keisha for Halloween. ( I think my ten-year-old son would make a delightful Rogan.) PLEASE make this series a movie already so I won’t have to explain my costume lol.” Stinepie, Amazon reviewer

On In the Presence of Knowing:

“I really loved this book. It was mysterious and touching with well fleshed out characters and a story line that will keep you entranced. My favorite character by far is Rogan.” JRae, Amazon reviewer

On Consumption:

“All of the stories garnered a reaction from me – I was grossed out (for real, just yuck) by some, in other’s I was weirded out by the final turn of events, and finally in a couple I was completely creeped out by the story.” LD Ferris, Amazon reviewer