Word Shortage

I have heard there are people with a shortage of words. They open their mouths to speak, or sit down to write….and nothing comes out. I feel a little bit sorry for them.

Then again, I seem to have the opposite problem. And that isn’t always a picnic, either.

Sometimes (most times) I am afflicted with an over- abundance of words. They bounce around inside my brain – much like an over-achieving silver pinball, fired out of its slot by the trigger and determined to hit against every bit of space, every obstacle, collecting as many points as possible – and the words clamor so loudly to be heard, to be noticed, that I often cannot organize them into one single essay or bit of poetry.

These words fight for recognition; enticing me into developing new characters; yanking my brain through an entire story idea in just a few minutes; rhyming themselves willy-nilly and without permission in my mind.

My folders are stuffed and my flash drives are filled; spiral notebooks are no longer fitting into the drawers allotted to them.

I simply have too many words. I need someplace else to stick my overflow of verbiage, so they don’t get lost or mishandled.

And so I have started a blog.

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