Highlighters and Vampires and Werewolves, Oh My!

This series of books by author A.T. Russell is a delightful and unusual twist on what is expected from a “standard vampire novel.” The Generations Series is urban fantasy, and filled to overflowing with drama, love, and knock-down-drag-out battle scenes. The third book, Blood Wives, was just released, and while it can stand alone, you really ought to read the first two novels in the series first. Check this out:


“Venice Prince is a world renowned Blood Hunter, as tough as any, inimitable by any standard… until unrequited love leaves him broken and defenseless. Picking up the pieces and caging his emotions seem impossible, and carrying out the greatest contract of his life depends entirely upon his ability to recover. But Venice can’t do it alone. Unfortunately, in more ways than one, Lollo Atinude witnessed the destruction of Venice’s heart and soul, and the absolute rejection of his honor. Lollo wouldn’t have had it any other way. Venice was made for her and he belonged to only her, so his misery is her gain. Because sex-slave traders are pursuing her, Venice also represents safety for Lollo. Vampires want to use her body with violent abandon and drink her blood, often. Remaining near Venice keeps them at bay. Though he is her blood enemy, at least with him, she would be a mate… and not a Blood Wife.”


Also, check out the first two books in this series, Sacred Puppies and Alpha and the King:



And if you do, come back and let me know what you think of the books!


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