10 Things that SUCK (and ROCK!) about Being an Indie Author (Part 1)

Nailed it on the head. Being an indie writer is damn hard. And damn glorious. And awful. And wonderful. And, well…pretty much like any other thing you work hard to achieve is. Like parenting. And like living your dream.


Booktubing Away.

Keeley at A Bibliophile’s Journey is doing a fantastic little project for her 25 Days of Christmas celebration….she’s giving a shout out to indie authors by featuring their books on her YouTube channel. Yesterday was day 3 of her project, and she featured my novel, Just Hold On, along with another I am going to have to pick up because it’s a time travel book, and I’ve been hooked on those since I read The Time Traveler’s Wife. Check out her channel — because she loves books, she’s a wonderful advocate for indie authors, and also because she’s just plain adorable.