Lit Genius Extraordinaire! — With The Lovely Ms. P.


Hi there. Yeah, you! Like fantasy? You do? Well, check this out I have a new book. A timeless fantasy. Warriors, death, fear, and everyone seems to dig this blood-thirsty unicorn army. I’ve made a quick A-Z list of keywords that may just pull you in enough to make Livian your next read! Scroll all the way down for information on how to possibly win an ebook of Livian! Here we go…..

Alpha- Leaders of a tribe or race.

Brutes- Name for the strong magical beings known as Elf.

Crawlers- the vast array of spiders that spin mazes of webs in the woods.

Dreamers- The Gods. The Creators.

Elsa- The only female role model Livian has known. She is a tender hearted fairy, sweet on Inennious.

Fairy- Winged Beings known as warriors

Greenery- Nasty meals needed to keep the bowels from exploding, according to Inennious

Healers/Horned Ones- The Unicorns

Inennious, Keeper of the Dragons and caretaker of Livian…

Judgment, this book covers lots of political and social issues through fantasy eyes.

Kindle & Arson- two young rowdy fire-breathing Dragons

Livian- the half-breed fairy/elf that is wingless and powerless- The Main Character!

Moons- A world with the sky lit purple beneath the tri-moon orbit showing each night.

Nolo- The cavern home of the hidden Dragons.

Orphan- Livian struggles with the lack of knowing anything about her parents.

Periplus- a flying Dragon, the oldest known Dragon.

Questions- Something Livian has an endless amount of about her existence.

Revenge- A child years for revenge against the killers of her parents, and the cause of her secret existence.

Soil sifters- The Dwerger residing underground.

Tantrums- Livian has plenty.

Unicorns- Once the healers of the world, now possessed evil creatures hungry for blood.

Victory- there can only be one winner in the battle against the Horned Ones.

Wingless, Livian

Xylotomies. the preparation of transverse, tangential, or radial sections of wood for examination under a microscope. (This has nothing to do with Livian, but I struggled and figured I’d share a word instead.)

Yolk- a needed part of a Dragon egg

Zero reasons to not read this book now. So purchase LIVIAN now! Thank you!


FOR A CHANCE TO WIN an ebook edition of Livian, click and like my facebook page and post a comment saying you came from this blog. Even if you already like the page, comment saying you saw the contest on this blog and if you are a page liker, it will count!

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A very special thank you, Valarie for allowing my shenanigans on your blog today! You are one of my favorite authors. I feel like a fan girl as I type this! Ha!


2 responses to “Lit Genius Extraordinaire! — With The Lovely Ms. P.

  1. Thank you so very much for hosting a Livian post on your blog. Valarie, I cannot express how honored I am, as a fan, to be on your site. My full admiration and gratitude. And for the readers, Livian can be found on Google Play: On Kobo: and on Amazon: Thank you, again!

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