Buckets of Love.


The Ice Bucket Challenge.

We’ve all seen it. For weeks, photos and videos of individuals, businesses, and teams having a bucket of freezing cold water dumped over their heads have been clogging up our Facebook news feeds, and taking over our Twitter.

And people are complaining.

Of course they are.

Why wouldn’t they? After all, they log in to social media to find funny pictures of cats, recipes for The World’s Greatest Fried Green Tomatoes in the World, and to passive-aggressively stalk people they dislike.

They don’t want to see something serious. Photos and videos of a simple act that could actually change and better the lives of thousands of suffering people aren’t entertaining. Prolonging the lives of strangers who simply want to stick around long enough to watch their kids grow up? Come on now, that doesn’t show me how to create a quick and budget-friendly accent for our dinner tonight. What a waste of time! And let’s be honest, seeing people take time and money from their own lives to do something for a charity…well, it’s uncomfortable.

Because we know we probably could donate $10, and dump some of that cold water from our tap – water we pay for, water that comes from our own wells– on ourselves. We could help.

We simply don’t want to.

Instead, we claim it is a shame to waste water for this “stupid idea”, and point to kids in Africa who don’t have clean drinking water.

True. That is sad. Perhaps we could box up our buckets of ice water and send it to them?

No? Yeah. That probably wouldn’t work out all that well.

Of course, if one wanted to, one could do the Ice Bucket Challenge, and donate money to those kids in Africa who need clean drinking water.

But…but then we wouldn’t have enough time to scroll through Grumpy Cat pictures! Or see what kind of foolishness the ex is posting!

Naw. Better to sit tight in our well-cushioned computer chairs and complain.

It’s easier that way.

We can keep our $10 for a super-sized Big Mac meal.

I wonder if these naysayers have ever been diagnosed with a disease that results in shortened life span? Or a chronic disease that limits average daily abilities? An illness that brings more and more excruciating pain with each sunrise? Do these people understand how it feels to look at the future and see hospitalizations, needles, tests and treatments, pills and medical equipment?

Not to mention the astronomical medical bills that come with chronic disease.

I wonder if the naysayers understand what it’s like to feel bleak and alone in a disease, but struggling to look ahead with hope anyway?

And what if that hope looks like a bucket of ice cold water?

Let’s not be silly, people.

Oh hey! Look…Grumpy Cat doesn’t like his tuna sandwich!

Man. That cat cracks me up.


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