You’re everything a Big, Bad Wolf could want.

One of my favorite ways to keep my brain occupied at night when the insomnia (insomnia, mania, what-have-you) is at its worst is drawing comparisons between written pieces. Can’t tell you why I enjoy this, but I do. Here, I’m comparing “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” (which, if you take the numbers written along the car and translate them into a Bible verse, you get a passage in Judges, “….whither goest thou? And whence comest thou?”, but that’s a comparison for another day), by Joyce Carol Oates and the song “Little Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham and Pharaohs. Coincidentally (perhaps), both were written in 1966.

Little Red blog post

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good. “You’re cute,” “…such a pretty girl,” “…what else is there for a girl like you but to be sweet and pretty…”

You’re everything that a Big Bad Wolf could want. “I want you,” “Seen you that night and thought, that’s the one, yes sir. I never needed to look anymore.”

Listen to me. “Now what you’re going to do is this: you’re going to come out this door…”, “Honey?…You still listening?”, “Be nice, honey. Listen,” “Listen, here’s how it is”, “You listening, honey?”

I don’t think little big girls should go walking in these spooky old woods alone. “…I know your parents and sister are gone somewheres.”

What big eyes you have. “My sweet little blue-eyed girl.”

I think you ought to walk with me and be safe. “…you’d come runnin’ out into my arms, right into my arms an’ safe at home.”

I’m gonna keep my sheep suit on. “His whole face was a mask,” “…as if he were indeed wearing a wig”, “…boots were stuffed with something so he could appear taller.”

I’d like to hold you if I could. “I’ll hold you so tight you won’t think you have to try to get away.”

What a big heart I have, the better to love you with. “Yes, I’m your lover. You don’t know what that is but you will.”

Even bad wolves can be good. “I’m the boy for you….give me your hand, and nobody else gets hurt.”

Maybe you’ll see things my way. “We’ll go out to a nice field, out in the country here where it smells so nice and it’s sunny”, “…so much land that Connie had never seen before and did not recognize except to know that she was going to it.”

And they lived happily ever after.


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