Guest Blog with Kryssie Fortune, Author (Take a peek, exciting stuff!)

I’m Kryssie Fortune, author of TO WED A WEREWOLF and CURSE OF THE FAE KING. Since I’ve been let loose on this blog for the day, I thought I’d tell you more about my world of Fae, Lykae, and dragons.

(A private document, for the eyes of Caleb the Cold, King of the Lykae and his wife, my beloved half sister, Sylvie only)

wyverns picture

Wyverns are vicious little bugg creatures. At first glance, they’re all puppy dog eyes, wings, and tail. Sylvie thinks they’re cute, but she’s earth raised, only half Fae.
We keep a small pack of them at the Fae court. Legend has it—that just like the ravens in the mundane world’s Tower of London—if they ever leave, the kingdom will fall.
One on one, they’re harmless enough, but I suspect a pack of them could even take a full-grown Lykae down. After all the stunts your brother Giles pulled, he’d make an excellent test subject.
Well, you can’t blame me for trying.


salamander picture

Salamanders are an endangered species. I’ve recently forbidden my spell casters to brewing aphrodisiac brandy from their scales. They love heat and you can sometimes find one curled up in the embers of a campfire. Friendly to a fault, they are easy prey. They also make damn good eating.
If you find one—even if it’s been plucked bald—please protect it.

black bearded dragon picture

This is another species best avoided. Black-scaled and vicious, they live among the man-eating mangroves, and move at lightning speed. Their prehensile tail is their fiercest weapon. It’s tipped with a poison that slows the reflexes and makes their victim easy prey for the mangrove plants. The plants reward them with lumps of flesh torn from their victims and
No one’s ever been foolhardy enough to eat one, but your brother Giles is welcome to try. In fact, for him, I’ll cook the damn thing for him myself.


war dragons picture

Fyrehell, my current mount, is starting to feel his age, but his mate has finally laid an egg. I’ll have a new, scarlet dragon come January, but it will take a while to train him.
I’m still considering names for my soon-to-be hatched dragonet. Dreadnought or Valiant are the current frontrunners, but every time I discuss it with my council, the seers laugh so hard they have to leave the room. I hope that doesn’t mean he’ll end up with a stupid name. I’ll thank you to keep Sylvie away from him until we’ve bonded, or she’ll christen him something ridiculous like Butterfly or Firelight.

A few centuries back, one of our war dragons wandered into the mundane world. He popped up in the north of England, and the locals christened him the Whitby Wyrm. Honestly, you’d think even humans could tell the difference between dragons and worms. The Wyrm—I really hate calling a decent dragon that—was brilliant scarlet. The scarlet ones are the biggest and brightest, so it’s no wonder my ancestors couldn’t catch him.

That only leaves the dragon shifters, but they live in their own kingdom—Taragonia, but they shun us. It’s not we still bathe in dragon’s blood to enhance our powers. I’ve even banned my courtiers from wearing dragon teeth as good luck charms. After all, what’s good luck for us is bad luck for the dragon.
Talking of Sylvie, please tell her to stop with the matchmaking. That last Lykae you sent to my court turned primal. Honestly, I struggled to stand my ground. I think, if I’d run, she’d have jumped me. Literally.
And as for the ogress she befriended… Just no. Never. When I marry, it will be to forge a political alliance.
Consider the formal felicitations made, and do pay a diplomatic visit soon.
King of the Fae.

PS Dragons are meant to be fierce not cute. When you visit, bring my half sister, but wait until my dragon’s hatched and we’ve bonded. Just don’t let any man hungry Lykae Ladies tag along.
Curious as to what Leonidas finally called his dragon? Find out in Curse of the Fae King.
Book Two of my Scattered Sibling’s Series.
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curse of the fae king

Leonidas’s nightmare: when he inherited the Fae throne, he inherited the curse a witch cast on his bloodline. No wonder he hates witches. His dirty secret: if he doesn’t bed a different woman every month he’ll turn feral – and he’s bored to death with mindless sex.

When he hunts down his escaped war dragon, his enemies trap him on earth and strip his powers. His month’s almost up and if he doesn’t bed someone soon, his beast will rise.

Meena’s dream: to be good at something. Anything. Even sticking to a diet. Her secret: she’s a failed witch masquerading as human. She accidentally bonds with Leonidas’s escaped dragon. Sparks fly when he wants it back. Plunged into a world of stuck-up Fae, evil elves, and high-adventure they must solve a twenty-two year-old mystery. Along the way, they tumble into bed, and lust leads, unexpectedly, to love.

When Leonidas’s curse kicks in again, he’ll have to abandon Meena and bed another. Is their love strong enough to survive their secrets and break the ancient curse?

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So, what stunts did Giles pull that made the Fae king want to feed him to his dragons?
Find out in Book One of the Scattered Siblings series. TO WED A WEREWOLF.

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3 responses to “Guest Blog with Kryssie Fortune, Author (Take a peek, exciting stuff!)

  1. I love that you put the descriptions of the dragon species through the opinion of the King. He has attitude that makes me more anxious to read these books more. The female character seems relateable. I am curious how much like me she is.

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