Rock Bottom: Autistic Hate Culture

I love this woman’s mindset. And I agree wholeheartedly.

love explosions

I was talking to a like minded parent friend via pm the other day.  She pm’d me after reading my post, yesterday.  And she was, understandably, distraught that friends of Kelli were trying to blame Autistic people for this tragedy by asking, “Where were you?”

I agreed with my friend.  Friends of Kelli have two choices.

They can either acknowledge that they have blood on their hands.  They can acknowledge that they have created and nurtured a culture of deep hatred for Autistic people.  They can acknowledge that these Autistic hating ways are what lead to Kelli’s attempted murder of her own daughter.  And that they too are already on that very slippery slope which lead to the worst case scenario for one of their friends.

Or they can try to make this about anything but murder.  They can pretend that this is about lack of services.  Mental Illness…

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