1st Publish

It arrived last night…my first article publish in a magazine. I held it in my hands, I read the magazine front to back, re-reading the front (which featured a blurb about me), and then my own article. Over and over.

I can recite that article verbatim, but I read it over and over anyway, just because my name was in the byline at the top.

Of a magazine, that other people will receive and read.

It felt a lot like having a baby, except I didn’t have 3 days of back labor, and there were no stretch marks or screaming or biting my husband and making his arm bleed, but I think my rear got a little bigger with the writing of it all.

I wish my Dad was here to see it. I wish my sister hadn’t died just before it came out…she’d been so excited.

So it kind of kicks me in the face and knocks the wind out of me, but then again on the other hand, it’s pretty damn exciting.

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