I’m sorry, Babe. I’m just not in the mood. It isn’t you, or anything. I’m not mad. I just….I have this awful headache. You know how I get these migraines and I just….don’t think I can do it again tonight.

I don’t think you realize how much I’ve had to do today. I couldn’t sleep last night, I kept waking up, tossing and turning. Up for good at six. Got the kids ready for school, and drove them to class on time. Packed my own backpack, and ended up 20 minutes late for class. I missed a test that I can’t make up.

No…no, listen to me. Asking me over and over isn’t going to change the way I feel. It’s been a difficult day, and I am worn out! Every day you harass me about it, like you think I can just do this on a daily basis. Well, I can’t! I’m exhausted!

I swear, it’s like this is all you ever think about.

I have already washed, dried, folded and put away six loads of laundry today. I spent three hours doing my homework and studying. My instructor is just about on my last nerve! The dog puked all over the floor, and I had to get the steam cleaner out to get it out of the carpet. I washed freaking five sinkfuls of dishes, because nobody else around here seems to care if they just dirty dish after dish without regard to who has to clean them up.

I have driven two kids to soccer practice, and one kid to Scouts tonight. I helped two of them with their homework, and hemmed a pair of pants.

Please don’t interrupt me, just listen. Hear me out!

I’m tired.

Is it just because you’re a guy, that you have to constantly harp on this topic? You sound like a stuttering record, same thing over and over and over.

Do you know I got a call from the school today to go pick up a sick kid? And then I had to get him in to see the doctor. They had to work us in, so we waited forever. As if I had nothing else to do today!

I mean, you aren’t the only person here with needs. I have needs, too! I need a little sympathy, a little compassion, a helping hand now and again.

Look, Babe, I love you. Just because I’m not in the mood tonight…that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

I’m just not in the mood to cook dinner. Can’t you just stop and pick up pizza on the way home?

Help me out tonight, and I’ll make it worth your while tomorrow.

Yeah…that’s right. Tomorrow, I’ll make spaghetti. I’m sure this headache will be gone by then.


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