The storm came in the morning

A day that had begun as any other

Became a day nobody would forget.

Silent, frozen

Ice spread through our veins

Teeth began to chatter

Realization dawned.

Seeking comfort in the sleep-intoxicated pink cheeks

And tousled hair of our children,

A promise that something in the world

Was still perfectly right.

Fear, indignation, bile rising in our throats

Stomachs leadened, sickened

We stared, wooden

At the screen that once delivered talking turtles

And rainbows to squealing children.

Desperate to stop the flow of information

That we could not fit inside our minds

Physically unable to remove it from our eyes

Lest the threat spread to our own backyard

And we are caught unaware.

Involuntarily flinching at the sudden sound

Of any engine

Churches opened

People flocked to fill them

Less for the prayer or blessings

More for the sense of unity,

A hand to hold.

Stricken faces in our mirrors

We wished for sleep,

For no other reason than to avoid the truth

We spoke in whispers

Just in case

The volume of our every day voices

Could somehow draw the evil

To our own door.

This one day; for weeks, months after

We are a nation of One

Tragedy, The Great Equalizer

Color, religion, income

Brushed away

We are just part of “Us”

And we are against “Them”

We stand together;

Angry, frightened


We feel tainted,


Unable to return to the innocence

We once enjoyed.

We are different people now


Moving forward

Yet still wary.

Three numbers

A constant reminder

Of the collapse

Of two mighty mountains.


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