Attention Deficit Project Disorder: A Poem of Explanation

Jumping projects

In my brain

Like dripping, dropping

Falling rain.

Shiny buttons, over there!

What’s in that box

Down by the stairs?

I think it’s filled with

Quilting squares.

(I should start a new quilt. Or maybe finish the last one I started.)

But on the way

I tripped and found

A bag of yarn

Right on the ground!

What could I even make with that?

A Pirate Monster Monkey Hat!

A cow! A duck! A pig! A knight!

A Steampunk Frog! That’d be a sight!

These pretty beads

Could lie at my throat

As a necklace, or….

No, Wait! A new frock coat!

(This fabric would be perfect for a frock coat! And Ren Fest might be

chilly this year, I hear.)

How is it morning?

Did I go to sleep?

I think I did….

I remember counting sheep.

(Well, I make them jump backwards into a space time continuum so they

make funny faces, but that’s a totally different story.)

There’s the alarm

I’ve got to run!

I need to get

This homework done!

Out the door

Into the snow

Slip on ice

Down I go.

This ice is so…

Slick and shiny

Shiny and slick

Like those buttons by

My hot glue sticks.

(Oh! Idea! If I used the glue sticks to attach those buttons to….)

I know what you’re thinking

You Silly Goose!

But I’m not even related


Theodor Geisel. Why would you even ask me that?

(Disclaimer: All ideas for Pirate Monster Monkey Hats and Steampunk

Frogs are my own creation and soon to be copyrighted. No stealing!)


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