Acting Up

Does it make you feel bigger

To make others feel smaller?

Does causing another deep pain

Alleviate your own?

Why is it

You seem to believe

Your personal pain

Is more important

Than anyone else’s?

You are not special

Not the only one who hurts



Each of us carries a bundle of pain

Just as heavy as your own.

Heavier, perhaps.

We choose to walk on, despite the weight

Our shoulders may slump

Our hearts may break

But we soldier forth

Chins high

Continuing on our path.

Stopping along the way

To offer love



Because we remember

The weight of the pain.

It is ever present

But it does not define us.

If pain defines us, pain wins.

Your infantile actions

Only serve to increase

Your own misery

At the same time,

Wounding those who have loved you so long,

Their own years have grown short

Hair has grayed

Wrinkles multiplied.

Does this feel like success to you? Victory?

You do have a choice

You could choose to use your pain

To help lift the burden from another

But doing so would lighten

The crushing weight you cling to so proudly

Maybe that is what you are truly afraid of.


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